HOLD FAST Mens Cap We The People Green

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We The People Green™

Long may this nation stand! Celebrate what it means to be American in this rugged “We The People Green” Cap by HOLD FAST® in Green. The Constitution of the United States of America promotes the blessings of liberty, justice, and tranquility, and those are values worth sharing.

Imagine the mood in the room when representatives from 13 loosely aligned states at the time—farmers, lawyers, merchants, and other men of worthy measure—gathered to strengthen and define what it meant to be part of the United States of America. Let’s remember our democratic heritage, and fight to defend it all our days.

HOLD FAST® Adult Cap - We The People Green™

  • Color: Green
  • 100% Cotton front panels
  • 100% Polyester mesh back panels
  • Do Not Launder
  • One Size Fits Most