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    Kerusso New Blog — Faith At Every Age

    How Much Prayer Is Enough? [5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Prayer Life]

    Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior, or new to a life of faith and just beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ, we can all use new tools in our faith toolbox from time to time, including ways to deepen our prayer practice. Talking to God can be a formal affair, or you can chat with Him out loud on your drive to work. There is no special dress code, and you don’t have to use a script. These 5 tips will help breathe new life into your prayer routine.

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    Six Tips for Better Grandparent, Parent & Grandchild Relationships

    If you are blessed to have grandchildren in your life, you are blessed indeed! Watching your son or daughter’s family blossom and grow is an exciting reward of having been a parent yourself, and it is fun, interesting, and can bring great joy to be a Gramma, Nana, Grandpa or Papa to little ones, big kids, teenagers, and young adults. They bring youth and vitality to life, keep you young, and give you something to look forward to. It is both a privilege and an opportunity to be involved in the lives of a younger generation.
    “Grandma's Lil' Girl”

    Grandma, I was thinking of you today and a smile tickled my face.

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    Your Picture is Still on God’s Fridge, Even After All These Years

    My husband recently repainted the main level of our house, and we took the calendar, clock, canvases, and children’s artwork off the walls before the work began. I was leafing through a stack of mail when I noticed that the funky old hanger that displayed a favorite work of my son’s from kindergarten now held the lovely dot-work image of a large white rabbit that my 8-year-old daughter recently completed.

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